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Lifestyle Cochrane Pop Up Market

The inside of the Lifestyle Cochrane Pop Up Market in Central
Lifestyle Cochrane Pop Up Market in Central : till 28May

Local Brands : Treat your body better

This time we have a more relaxing lifestyle pop up store in Central, partnering with 15 local brands. Some of the new faces are worthy of a shout-out.

@nomsoftheday is a healthy snack brand, created by a nutritionist. She aims at producing some delicious and nutritious snacks without compromising health ; Hands do a lot of work for us but handcare is always neglected. @sassyunicornglobal specializes in hand care products which are all organic and vegan.

You must try the CBD gelato from @21lifecbd or their CBDcookies and CBD dog snacks co-created with @atflourgirl ; Are you a wine guy? @mywineguyhk is here for you. Wine can be pricey but chatting with a professional wine guy is priceless! At the corner of our pop up store, there are different versions of sunset from the Sol collection painted by talented @kannypaints.


@nomsoftheday 主打手工健康小食品牌,創辨人係一位營養師,希望為大家製作可口同時充滿營養的果仁小食,讓大家隨時都可以補充能量。雙手擔當重要嘅角色,所以更加不能忽略手部護理! @sassyunicornglobal 的手部護理產品來自澳洲及日本,全部產品都係有機及純素。

@21lifecbd 為大家帶尼CBD gelato、 聯乘@atflourgirl 嘅 CBD 曲奇及CBD狗狗小食。@mywineguyhk 就帶左一批靚酒過尼pop up store,亦歡迎大家去一齊去交流下美酒心得。一幅又一幅外框呈圓形嘅日落畫作,係出自@kannypaints Sol Collection,每一幅都與別不同,留住天空最美嘅一刻。


The store front of Lifestyle Cochrane
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Lifestyle Cochrane Pop Up Market