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Calioo Pop Up Food Market

A large yellow banner of Calioo pop-up food market promoting its store in central
Calioo pop-up food market : 23-26 April

Small Shops. Big Cravings.

There's always market for artisan foods in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is full of skilled bakers and chefs. Most of them start sharing their wonderful food by setting up a social media platform as an online shop. Calioo is a platform for small local brands to sell their artisan online. Calioo's Pop-up Food Market in Central has gathered 31 online shops, with different cookies, cakes, alcoholic drinks, sauces, and even bread!

Calioo App

Most artisan food brands in Hong Kong operate using Instagram as an online shop combined with WhatsApp as a communication tool. Calioo is a mobile platform provides an all-in-one marketplace for merchants to receive orders and arrange delivery and pick-up for their products. It fulfills small brands' technical needs and provide an easy entry point for anyone who has a dream to build their own food brand.

From the customers' point of view, the app is easy to use and it supports credit card payment, which is very convenient. During the market period. Calioo has launched some limited promo code for users.

The instruction of how to order on Calioo app
How to order on Calioo app

Connect Small Brands with Customers

Calioo is an excellent tool for small brands to connect with their customers with enhanced purchase experience. The pop-up food market was also an opportunity for brands to connect their customers offline. Instead of scrolling through Instagram feeds, customers can try the food and chat with the bakers and the chefs in person. As a fan of local artisan food, if you have missed the event, go download Calioo app now.

A jar of handmade sakura shrimp chili oil by @explicit.spices

小小店 大夢想

手工食品在香港一向有市場。香港充滿住烘焙及烹飪界的高手,大部分店舖都先以社交平台作網店,售賣他們精心製作的手工食品。而Calioo App正正是一個手機平台讓小店販賣他們的商品。Calioo更將線上的體驗帶到線下,於中環的Pop-up Food Market集合了31間的手工食品小店,有賣曲奇、蛋糕、酒、醬料以及麵包!

Artisan bread inside the market by breadays.hk